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Delivering safe products you can trust through rigorous manufacturing management and quality control

Animal pharmaceuticals directly impact animals' life and health. For this reason, it is paramount that their effectiveness, safety, and quality can be trusted. To ensure that these requirements are met, several laws governing animal drug products require that strict manufacturing management and quality control standards be maintained.

Utilizing our Japanese GMP-compliant systems, we constantly review our manufacturing management and quality control systems to ensure that the animal pharmaceuticals we produce are of the highest quality.

Furthermore, we have established our own, even more rigorous, internal standards separate from Japanese GMP, which enable us to ensure even higher quality levels. For the products we manufacture ourselves, our quality control system begins from the time we receive raw materials through to the time we release the finished products to market. In cases where our manufacturing is outsourced, we conduct strict checks from the time we receive intermediate products through to the time the finished products are released to market.

Our Quality Assurance Department conducts regular audits to confirm that the quality systems at each of our manufacturing facilities are appropriate and being operated to the required standard. In order to ensure that the animal pharmaceuticals we manufacture are of a constant high quality, we are also working to standardize our production processes and holding comprehensive education and training in Japanese GMP for our plant employees.

Ysukuba Plant

Saitama Plant

Hiroshima Plant

*GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, guidelines to ensure that pharmaceutical with high quality is constantly manufactured

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