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Kyoritsu Seiyaku Corporation is striving to fulfill its social responsibilities based on the Kyoritsu Seiyaku Code of Conduct, established on August 17, 2005.

We have introduced a range of environmental programs and business-linked initiatives including promotion of microchipping and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system.

Environmental Initiatives

Development of an environmentally conscious biological management system for young animals
In order to ensure the production of safe and reliable livestock products, we are promoting adoption of the HACCP system and providing appropriate advice based on correct knowledge and technology.

Business-Linked Initiatives

Earning the satisfaction and trust of pet owners, breeders, customers, and business partners
In addition to holding meetings of the SAC Society (academic support), we are also working to promote the adoption of pet microchipping.
Supplying safe products
We strive to ensure our animal pharmaceuticals are of the highest quality by constantly reviewing our manufacturing and quality control systems, utilizing our GMP*-compliant systems.
Fair business practices

Human Rights

Ensuring a safe, fulfilling work environment for all employees
Through the Kyoritsu Seiyaku Compliance Guidelines and Privacy Policy we strive to ensure thorough compliance with all laws and regulations and a high standard of corporate ethics.

*CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

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