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Kyoritsu's Tsukuba Plant manufactures biological products for animals (vaccines), diagnostic drugs, additives for bacteria culture media, and hormone formulations for animal use. The main vaccines manufactured at the plant include those for poultry, pigs, cows, and fish. These are classified into three types – freeze-dried, liquid, and frozen – each with particular characteristics. Live vaccines are typically freeze-dried, while purified protein or inactivated vaccines are manufactured in liquid form. Some viruses found in nature die outside a living cell. In these cases, the vaccine is produced in frozen form (stored at -196˚C). These products are manufactured into their final forms on three different types of line. The Tsukuba Plant also handles their testing, packaging, and, for some products, shipment. The facility also tests and packages imported products (canine and feline vaccines and diagnostics), devoting the majority of its resources to vaccine production.

As one of Kyoritsu Seiyaku's production sites, the Tsukuba Plant is primarily responsible for manufacturing biological products (vaccines) for use in poultry, pig, cattle, and fish farming. Based on Kyoritsu's Corporate Philosophy of contributing to the harmonious coexistence of people, animals, and the environment, the plant attained ISO 14001 certification in 2010 and conducts strict manufacturing management and quality control that adheres to all relevant laws, GMP standards, and internal regulations to ensure a stable supply of safe, effective, and high quality products that benefit both humans and animals.

The bond between humans and animals and the importance of environmental preservation are becoming increasingly important in the 21st Century. In order to contribute to society through our animal health products to an even greater extent, we are operating our business with the next generation of veterinary medicine in mind. To this end we have established research and development (R&D) and manufacturing functions, staffed by talented specialists in their respective fields. The Advanced Technology Development Center/Tsukuba Plant comprises a New Product Development division responsible for leading the company's broad-ranging R&D functions, from fundamental research to application, as well as the Tsukuba Plant (overseen by our Production division), which manufactures vaccines as main products. The center's approach to product development using recombinant DNA technology and biotechnology is highly recognized both in Japan and abroad. Also, the center actively participates in joint development with universities, research institutions, and partner corporations, considering it our duty to discover next-generation preparations of vaccines, general drugs, and diagnostics.

  Official Name Advanced Technology Development Center / Tsukuba Plant
  Location 2-9-22 Takamihara, Tsukuba-shi, IbarakiMap
  Main Roles Development of biological formulations (vaccines) and non-prescription medications for animal use
Supply of companion/production animal pharmaceuticals
Through the above business, contributing to animal health as well as a safe and stable food supply
  Main Products

Proprietary products: avian/swine/bovine vaccine formulations, bovine diagnostics, bovine medication

Imported products: canine/feline formulations, canine/feline diagnostics, swine diagnostics

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