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Kyoritsu's Saitama Plant is a manufacturing facility for health products and feed for production animals (cows, pigs, poultry, etc.) The plant's main products include injection vials, polybottle fluid replacement products, standard pharmaceuticals such as liquid formulations, as well as feed additives and mixed feeds. In addition, the plant tests and packages imported drugs, manufactures bulk active ingredients for used in human pharmaceuticals, tests and packages animal medical devices, and manufactures deodorizers. Specializing in small-lot manufacturing, the plant handles a diverse range of product types. Accordingly, the site's production machinery has been designed with the flexibility to handle a wide variety of products efficiently.

Kyoritsu Seiyaku Corporation has three production facilities in Japan, which manufacture animal pharmaceuticals, feed additives for both medical and non-medical purposes, mixed feed, active ingredients for use in human pharmaceuticals, and other products. The Saitama Plant primarily manufactures general liquid-form pharmaceuticals for production animals, excluding biological products, as well as animal feed and bulk active ingredients for use in human health products. Under the Kyoritsu Seiyaku Compliance Code of Conduct, the plant thoroughly observes all relevant laws, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and internal standards, and strives to conduct thorough manufacturing management and quality control to ensure the stable supply of high quality products. Under this management system, the products we manufacture help to create a safe and healthy environment in which animals can flourish. Ultimately, we aim to play a part in ensuring the safety of the animal protein that we consume as food.

The facility also manufactures pharmaceuticals for the companion animals (CA) that serve as important members of our families and bring much comfort and joy to our lives.
Furthermore, the Saitama Plant utilizes its flexible manufacturing lines to offer manufacturing-on-assignment services to third parties.

Animal use injections, fluid replacement products, oral solutions, external medications, mixed feed products, and feed additives.

Active ingredients for use in human pharmaceuticals: deodorizers.

CA products: Adrestan, Dorbene injections, Amipenix for animal use, etc

  Official Name Kyoritsu Seiyaku Corporation Saitama Plant
  Location 9-10 Kabutoyama, Kumagaya-shi, SaitamaMap
  Main Roles Manufacture of animal health products
Manufacture of mixed feed, feed additives
Testing and packaging of imported animal health products
Manufacture of active ingredients for use in human health products
Manufacture of deodorizer materials and final products

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