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Liquid type for industrial use (packaged)
  • 10×2kg plastic container = 20kg/box
  • 20kg cubitainer
  • 200kg drum

Epoleon Product List

Industrial Use (Liquid)
Product Target Odors Main Applications
A-2 (mildly scented)
Alkaline odors (ammonia, amine odors, etc.) Toilets (homes, supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, hotels, lodges, apartments, offices, hospitals, etc.), public toilets, temporary toilets, portable toilets
SER-CL(mildly scented)
SER-20(mildly scented)
  • Complex odors (alkaline/acidic/neutral odors, etc.; where alkaline odors are predominant)
Public toilets, temporary toilets, portable toilets, poultry/swine/other livestock facilities, compost storage facilities
N-2(mildly scented)
Complex odors (alkaline /acidic/other odors)
Neutral odors (fatty acid oxides, fats and oils, etc.)
Saunas, public baths, pet odors, pet housing, food processing, kitchens, grease traps, laundry, dry cleaning, general drains
N6C(mildly scented)
N7C(mildly scented)
N10C(mildly scented)
N20C(mildly scented)
N30C(mildly scented)
Complex odors (alkaline/acid/neutral odors, etc.) Sewage treatment facilities (temporary storage of grit/sludge, dewatering cakes, transport, etc.)
Human waste treatment facilities (insertion holes, platforms, dewatering cakes, etc.)
Refuse disposal facilities (inside of pits, platforms, garbage trucks, etc.)
Industrial waste, landfills, excavation, chemical plants, seafood processing plants, food processing plants, general industrial wastewater, poultry/swine – rearing facilities, fertilizers, livestock feed plants
Complex odors (alkaline/acid/neutral odors, etc.) Refuse disposal facilities, human waste treatment facilities, sewage treatment facilities, seafood processing, food processing, livestock sheds, general industrial wastewater, exhaust gas cleaning (for scrubbers)
S-2(mildly scented)
Acidic odors (hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, etc.)
Neutral odors (fatty acid oxides, fats and oils, etc.)
Sewage treatment facilities, refuse disposal facility sewage pits, paper manufacturing plants, rubber manufacturing plants, general wastewater, grease traps
N-100A Complex odors (alkaline/acid/neutral odors, etc.) Agricultural chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, etc.), fertilizers
HP Aldehyde odors, ammonia Hospitals, plastic manufacturing plants, foundries
AL Short chain fatty acids, aldehydes Foundries, exhaust gas cleaning (for scrubbers)
BK(mildly scented)
Tobacco/body/sweat odors Hotel rooms, curtains, carpets, pillows, canvas shoes, slippers, banquet halls, taxis, tour buses, rental cars, shoe boxes, lockers, changing rooms, golf courses, ski fields
IMP Complex odors (alkaline/acid/neutral odors, etc.) Non-woven fabrics, paper, other impregnation applications
N-90-OH(contains alcohol) Complex odors (alkaline/acid/neutral odors, etc.) Deodorizing disinfectant used in aerosol products, hospitals, hotel rooms, lockers, tobacco odor
Industrial Use (Powder Type)
Product Target Odor Main Applications
Complex odors (alkaline/acid/neutral odors, etc.) Refuse disposal facilities, dewatering cakes, waste, other transport applications, poultry/swine/other livestock facilities, quarantine stations, compost storage facilities, fertilizer plants

*Packaging: 2×10kg bags = 20kg/box


Commercial Handy Type and Other Products

Aerosol for indoor use
Aerosol for indoor use
AS-400 (400ml net)
Hand spray type for indoor use
Hand spray type for indoor use
MK (500ml net)
Hand spray type for indoor use
Hand spray type for indoor use
BK (500ml net, mildly scented)
Deodorizing gel
Deodorizing gel
CH500 (500g net)


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