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Business Overview

We have introduced a range of environmental programs and business-linked initiatives including attainment of ISO14001: 2004 certification at our Advanced Technology Development Center as well as promotion of microchipping and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system.

Environmental Initiatives

Companion Animal Pharmaceutical Business
Because pets are family too
In the 21st century, animals have become more important for human welfare than ever before. Companion animals are full family members for many owners and research has begun to show that animals play crucial roles in our lives including with respect to animal-assisted activities, therapy and education.
In the area of companion animal pharmaceuticals, for the happy, healthy lives of animals, we provide not only high-quality drugs and dietetic foods, but also detailed support so as to contribute to the creation of an environment in which animals receive proper aging care and enjoy a good quality of life during each stage of their lives.


Production Animal Pharmaceutical Business
Ensuring food safety by improving production animals' health
Kyoritsu's Production Animal Pharmaceutical Business plays a vital role in ensuring food safety and reliability. The expertise and track record Kyoritsu has accumulated over more than half a century have established us an unchallenged position in the feed additives and reproductive fields. To support livestock businesses, we strive not only to provide high quality animal pharmaceuticals, but also to comprehensively reduce costs. As an early adopter and promoter of HACCP we deliver increased efficiency while constantly helping to prevent the global threat of infectious disease outbreaks by promoting immunization and the improvement of public hygiene.


Deodorizer Business
Preventing Environmental Pollution through Odor Solutions
As a comprehensive researcher, developer, and manufacturer of chemical reaction – based deodorizers and odor removers, Kyoritsu supplies more than 100 types of product tailored to diverse market needs. Our products are comprised of three main categories: deodorizing materials for manufacturers of household deodorizers for indoor, pet, and car use; industrial deodorizers for applications such as chemical/food processing plants, industrial waste, and sewage treatment facilities; and commercial deodorizers used to remove odors in buildings including hotels, hospitals, and caregiving facilities. As a supplier to some of the world's largest companies, we help to combat environmental pollution by providing a wide range of odor removal solutions.


Group Companies

Deodorizer Business

Nippon Calmic Ltd.

Head Office:
1-11-5 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073

"Water, Air, and - Calmic"

Hygiene system rental services, commercial facility maintenance and management, hygiene system diagnostics, waste treatment, pest control, etc.


Nippon Calmic, established in 1969, is a joint venture of Kyoritsu Seiyaku (51% share) and Rentokil Initial PLC., a UK-based company that has won worldwide recognition for its environmental health services. Nippon Calmic offers consulting services and unique equipment and leasing services in the areas of hygiene, safety, recycling, water and energy conservation, and secondary infection prevention systems, all tailored to promote a recycling-oriented society.

Nippon Calmic views reducing global environmental impact – a key task for humanity in the 21st century – as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and has implemented a comprehensive approach, including the maintenance and management of comfortable and hygienic building environments (toilets, kitchens, plumbing, air conditioners, and proper disposal of industrial waste).

Animal Health Products Wholesaler

Sun Ibis Corporation

Head Office:
No. 2 Yasuda Bldg., 3-99 Daimon-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama 330-0846

Delivering Tailored Support to Veterinarians

Sale of animal pharmaceuticals, animal dietetic foods, veterinary literature, other veterinary-related products


Sun Ibis, established in 1972 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kyoritsu Seiyaku and merged with Kimura Yakuhin on October 1, 2016, primarily sells Kyoritsu Seiyaku's products, such as vaccines, drugs, dietetic foods and medical devices, to pet veterinary practitioners in the Tokyo metropolitan and Kansai areas. Sun Ibis also offers excellent academic literature and translated books on veterinary care from both Japan and overseas. Through this business, Sun Ibis offers finely-tuned support for veterinarians, contributing to the advancement of veterinary care and animals' quality of life.

Kyushu Mitaka K.K.

Head Office:
360-9 Kakize-machi, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto 861-8011

Sale of animal health products, animal dietetic foods, veterinary literature, other veterinary-related products


Japan Microchip Network Corporation

Head Office:
1-5-10 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-007

Revolutionizing Human-Animal Relationships through Microchips

Animal microchipping awareness, sale of animal pharmaceuticals, biological hygiene management


Established in 2013, Japan Microchip Network strives to promote the adoption of microchips, which are serving an increasingly important societal role as a bond between humans and companion animals. The adoption of microchipping technology is essential to ensure that both retailers and owners of companion animals meet their necessary obligations, and Japan Microchip Network is working to realize a society where pet microchipping is the norm.

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