Food safety starts from material management

HACCP covers not only hygiene control, but also manufacturing.


In recent years the concepts "Food Safety from Farm to Table" and HACCP*1have been introduced to Japan from the US, advancing food hygiene measures in both the processing and production stages. Traceability – another keyword – is also detailed in the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS)*2Act. Consumers are increasingly demanding that the livestock farms which produce the raw materials for the foods they eat follow thorough safety procedures.

In order to ensure that livestock products produced are safe and reliable, Kyoritsu Seiyaku is working to promote the adoption of the HACCP system and enhancing its internal training programs so that it is able to provide appropriate advice based on correct knowledge and technology.

HACCP qualifications include the Lead Instructor, Senior Coordinator, and Coordinator categories certified by the Japan HACCP Training Center (JHTC). Also, there are other qualifications such as the HACCP for Farms Examiner Certification and the HACCP for Farms Trainer Certification administered by the HACCP for Farms Certification Council. We are also working to promote the attainment of these qualifications.

  • International HACCP Advanced Lead InstructorsInternational HACCP Advanced Lead Instructors
  • JHTC-certified HACCP Coordinators
  • HACCP for Farms Examiners Certification
  • v

*As of March 2017

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a safety control method originally proposed in the 1960s as a means of ensuring the safety of space food. In this method, the various risk factors (hazards) that exist at each stage of the food production process are analyzed and the production stages where the hazards can be controlled most efficiently are managed continuously to ensure safety.
Officially known as the Act on Standardization and Proper Quality Labeling of Agricultural and Forestry Products
This act governs both Japanese Agricultural Standards and Quality Labeling Standards. Many familiar food products which follow the prescribed rules display the JAS symbol and information such as place of origin.

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